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Diplomat Suits - Quality Suits for Men

Diplomat has been specializing in high quality fashion for men and children since 1987, with emphasis on perfection, innovation, practice, quality of fabrics, materials, cutouts, accessories

And above all – customer service.

If you are looking for men’s suits for weddings, events and business you have come to the right place.

Diplomat specializes in men’s clothing.

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טוטאל לוק מכף רגל ועד ראש
1,250 ש"ח בלבד!

  • ג'קט
  • JEANS מכנסיים
  • חולצה
  • BOW TIE עניבה / פפיון
  • BELT חגורה
  • FLATS SHOES נעליים
  • SINGLET גופיה
  • BOXERS בוקסר
  • SOCKS גרביים

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