About Diplomat Suits

Diplomat is an innovative company established in Israel and abroad in the field of custom-made fashion for men since 1987.

No, we are not a huge corporation, We are a skilled, professional hardworking team that spends day and night designing and manufacturing the ultimate "tailored" suit for you! While ensuring uncompromising use of innovative technologies, high quality materials, quality, comfort and service. All made with LOVE 💙


Already when he immigrated to Israel in 1950, the dream of the late Joseph Cohen, a gifted and young tailor who grew out of his love for the profession, the country and the people, began to dream how to dress every person in his best clothes.

Despite the hardships of survival and immigration, he would sew suits for all the nation’s greats as a modest subcontractor and his firstborn son, Avner, would crawl under the sewing machine and crawled upon the secrets of the profession. When Avner was discharged from military service, he married his beloved, ms. Dalit and established a factory for making suits while studying fashion design. The factory of the “Young Couple” published the best fashion for men and children. Since 1987 they have managed a conservative fashion line, although revolutionary, solid but with presence, young and classic, Slim and regular, short and long, tailored and comfortable and practical.

Professionalism, Love and philanthropy gave birth to a quality, uncompromising men clothing line. Over the years, their eldest son, Seffi, who traveled with his parents throughout the world on development trips and the search for perfect production, learned the strict European fashion and the latest technologies in the field. Seffi also joined the Diplomat team with a fresh breeze and a contemporary spirit. Seffi has set a goal to bring the “Cofix” revolution to the prestigious men clothing industry and created a new trend for every groom and men who knows how to dress!

Today, the family team, accompanied by professionals, manufactures and markets in Israel and abroad a “diplomatic” men line.
All made with LOVE 💙

Our Commitment

The motto of the Diplomat team “Who is the man who desires life, loves days to see good!” We commit ourselves to doing from the heart with love into the dimensions And see the good in every customer and customer for awe is good!

גברררר יש לנו מבצע טיל בשבילך!
טוטאל לוק מכף רגל ועד ראש
החל מ- 1,250 ש"ח בלבד!

צור איתנו קשר 073-760-0140